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Our Infant Programs

Welcome to the Infant 1 & Infant 2 Programs

Infants bring joy and need special care as they go about their very important and unique work of physical, verbal, cognitive, emotional and social development.

The Montessori concept of education allows your child, baby/ young toddler to experience learning at an early age.  It teaches the child independence, responsibility, a sense of self worth and accomplishment.

The basic principle of the Montessori Philosophy is it recognizes the potential of the child which is developed and nurtured in a Montessori environment and working with Montessori materials.

The Infant room is divided.  Infant 1 babies are 6 weeks through 13 months. Infant 2 babies are older and ages 13 month up to 2 years.

Infant 1 – 6 weeks through 13 months

Each baby is assigned a loving caregiver that the parent partners with and shares information about their baby.

The Infant 1 baby is on their home schedule.  If the parent prefers, the caregiver can guide your baby onto a schedule. The babies go outside for fresh air and bubble blowing daily (weather permitting).

Caregivers sing songs, sit on the floor and read stories, play with puppets, listen to music and constantly talk and interact with your baby. The bonding and room arrangement encourages your baby to explore, and feel comfortable .  The materials are sterilized and rotated throughout the day.

A daily sheet of information will be sent to you about your baby’s activities.

Infant 2 – 6 weeks through 13 months

Infant 2 babies and young toddlers follow the school schedule.  The Infant 2 children take one nap daily at 12:30-2:30 PM on a cot with comfortable blankets and bed linens from home. The Montessori Program for Infants helps to build a strong relationship with the children by creating meaningful daily routines and experiences that respond to your child’s strengths and interests. We help the child to accomplish self-discipline, independence and self-esteem.

Montessori materials are within reach and the teacher teaches each child a lesson. He/ she is learning to focus, balance, and walk with a tray, of learned materials, from the shelf, bring it to the table and work on the activity independently. Some examples of our lessons are building, sorting, matching, counting, transferring and following directions.

Lessons are categorized by 5 areas, which are all interrelated to help children achieve maximum success according to their interests:

  1. Practical life: Self care, care of environment, grace and courtesy and control of movement
  2. Sensorial: Classify and sort sensory impressions relating to color, size, touch,  and smell etc.
  3. Language: Spoken language, sign language, reading, singing, and Montessori Language materials to increase phonetic awareness. These skills will build into reading when your child reaches Primary Class.
  4. Mathematics: Using concrete materials, children explore the concept of numbers, symbols, sequence, and when in Primary class- addition,  subtraction, multiplication & division.
  5. Cultural Art, music, Infant 2 science example: examining plants, Infant history (for example: family members, friends and neighborhood helpers).

Learning in a caring and nurturing environment

The Montessori Infant 1 & 2 programs have a clean free moving, developmentally appropriate, nurturing, loving, and fun environment.  Together we plan personalized activities that will make your child feel comfortable and secure.  Our goal is to encourage language, cognitive, physical, emotional and social development.

We believe this reliable routine will foster “a Circle of Care” that ensures a bonding relationship between Infants in 1 & 2,  staff and parents.

We introduce sign language, as an added tool, to help develop communication and trust.  The focus on bonding allows your child to feel at home which is essential for giving the confidence and independence to explore and discover his/ her surroundings.

We designed the program with our parents in mind too.  All that parents bring daily is their baby!  Manalapan Montessori supplies the diapers, Desitin, wipes, formula, organic milk and food.  Comfortable rocking chairs are located in Infant 1 for  breast feeding moms.  If you are a working mom, there are breast feeding procedures in place.

The Infant Room is thoughtfully arranged for a child’s curiosity and a peaceful environment.  Babies will go outside twice daily, weather permitting. Being outside encourages observations of nature, vocabulary and physical activity.

For more information about Manalapan Montessori and our infant programs, fill out our online form or call 1-732-536-8181.